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How The FIFA World Cup 2019 Works
A brief explaination

The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) is an association governed by Swiss law founded in 1904 and based in Zurich Switzerland. It has 211 member associations and its goal, enshrined in its Statutes, is the constant improvement of football.

Fifa's Final Draw announcement

Soccer does not have "rules", but instead has "The Laws Of The Game". And while I'm referring to "Soccer" here, be aware that in the wider world outside the United States, this game is called "Football".

There are only three types of soccer matches. Qualifiers, where the the National Teams of each FIFA Member State are qualifying for the World Cup, "Friendlies", which are "training matches" where the National Teams train by playing matches against each other. And, of course, there's World Cup matches. Tournaments like the Copa America don't really count towards the World Cup, but are included in rating national teams for FIFA Rankings. It's a little more complicated than that, but it's the basics you need to know right now.

32 nations (28 in the Women's World Cup) will have qualified to be in the World Cup by the time of the Final Draw. They are broken up into 8 groups (6 in WWC) of 4 teams each. In the 1st Round, each team plays the other three teams in it's group, so every team plays at least 3 matches in the Tournament. A win is worth 3 points, a tie is worth 1 point, and a loss is worth 0 points. The points are added up, and the top two teams in each group goes on to the 2nd Round.

If there is a tie for 2nd place, then the number of goals scored during Group matches are compared, and a 2nd place team is determined. It's all laid out in The Laws Of The Game.

If you're looking at one of the printed schedules of the 2nd round matches, the teams are represented by a number and a letter until the top two teams of each group are determined, and the designators can be replaced by the official three letter country code. 1A refers to the 1st place team in Group A, while 2B refers to the 2nd place team in Group B, and so on. This allows the schedule to be released a year or more in advance of the tournament for planning purposes.

In the Round of 16, if a match is shown with multiple group letters, (2B vs 3ACD) then the Third Place team with the best Points total among those groups will be the team to play in that match against the other group's second place team.

At the end of the First Round, the teams play their last Group matches at the same time in different cities. The last points needed to advance to the Second Round can go back & forth during those matches as teams score goals, changing the possible outcomes.

What's the deal with the Third Place teams in Group Play?

In the Group Of 16, you'll notice that some first place teams, such as Group B winner 1B Germany plays 3ACD in the pre-tournament schedule. This means that the best third place team among Groups A, C, and D will be the team to play Germany in that match. That turned out to be Team 3A Nigeria.

How the USA got through to the Second Round in the 2014 Brazil World Cup

In Group G of World Cup Brazil 2014, the USA and Portugal wound up tied at 4 points each. The thing is, The USA was ahead on "Points Diferential", the next criterea for determining who is going forward to the "Knockout Round". Both teams had scored 4 goals in their matches, but Portugal had 7 goals scored against them during Group play, and that's how the USA went ahead.

Why we support International Soccer

Ozzie Osband, the fellow behind PHonePHriendly.Com and this website, was a volunteer at the Citrus Bowl, a World Cup venue during World Cup USA 1994™. Ozzie was stationed in Germany with the US Army, and attended a soccer match there, and knows what the World Cup means to the rest of the world. He is happy that Soccer is one area where the USA joins the rest of the world in something.

When not watching soccer on the International level, Ozzie provides a PHonePHriendly™ schedule of the teams of the Orlando City Soccer Club in Major League Soccer (The Lions), the National Women's Soccer League (The Pride), and development team OCB in the USL League 1.

ChallengeCup.Mobi is a fan generated website, and is not operated by FIFA, US Soccer, Major League Soccer, The NWSL, The USL, or The Easter Bunny.

Rumors regarding Santa Claus will be neither confirmed or denied.

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Ozzie@PHonePHriendly.Com was a Volunteer at World Cup 1994 USA, and has followed the US Men's National Team ever since.

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